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We have been selling on eBay since 2014.

We developed DATAMiiNE to help to manage
process, shipping, accounting, inventory,
marketing and MORE!!

DATAMiiNE enables us to grow steadily in scale
with least pain and labor.

Now, we like to share it with other thousands of eBay


Increases RevenueUser Recommended
Inventory AutomationEasy to Use
Saves TimeGreat Customer Service

Membership Features

Membership features

Features FeeOnly Basic Bronze Silver
eBay Fee
  • Post eBay fee
  • Provide monthly report of eBay fee
  • Search eBay fee
Mileage Tracker
  • Provide logging tool for business trips
Add multiple eBay accounts
  • Provide ledger booking tool
  • Provide accounting summary
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Post eBay sales revenue automatically
eBay Order Daily Sync
Every 24 hours we synchronize your selling transactions
eBay Listing Daily Sync
Every 24 hours we synchronize your listings from eBay
Add multiple user accounts
eBay item bulk edit
Bulk edit quantity or price on any item
eBay delist and sell similar automation
Items managing plan
Starting Price with one eBay account $10.00 $20.00 $30.00 $40.00
Add additional eBay account $5.00 / one $5.00 / one $5.00 / one $5.00 / one





Finally a program desinged by sellers for sellers!



Datamiine helps you keep up with what works best for your business! Also the sell through rate helps you gauge risk when shopping



As two resellers who hate the bookkeeping/numbers side of the business, we love all the tools and reports Datamiine provides!

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